Satler PVC windows, Timber windows, ALU windows
Satler PVC windows, Timber windows, ALU windows
Satler PVC windows, Timber windows, ALU windows
Satler PVC windows, Timber windows, ALU windows
Satler PVC windows, Timber windows, ALU windows
Satler PVC windows, Timber windows, ALU windows


Satler windows and doors are manufactured from high-quality materials. Diligent handling and use of builders' joinery extends the life span of a construction element. The window casement is managed by means of a handle used to open the window. It can be placed into one of four positions: open, closed, tilted and ventilation. It can be managed with one hand.

Its use shall be subject to the following:

  • When opening the window, make sure that the casement does not hit the edge of the window embrasure.
  • Make sure not to quickly close the window if in open or tilted position as you could get hurt.
  • It is not permitted to overburden the casement of the window.
  • Whenever the casement is in open or in tilted position, you are not permitted to insert anything between the casement and sash.
  • Do not leave the window open in case of bad weather conditions (severe winds, draught, etc.) as you could get hurt.
  • Do not leave open windows unattended if you have small children in the household.


Satler windows and door are protected by an internal and external film that protects the product from damage during the manufacturing, transporting and installation processes. After installation has been completed, it shall be removed as it does not serve as protection from damage incurred during masonry. The removal process shall be carried out by the installer.


Even though they are manufactured from state-of-the-art materials, seals are still exposed to the ageing process. Maintenance can improve their flexibility and subsequently also their sealing properties. Keep them clean at all times. Once a year, apply glycerine or a special grease. Both are enclosed in the SEAL CLEANING AND MAINTENANCE SET that can be ordered from our company.


Drainage is carried out by grooves that can be found on the exterior side of the sash. These grooves are also intended to prevent condensation from the room to accumulate between the hardware and sash. Proper drainage is subject to a clean hole intended for that purpose that does not get clogged.  So as to grant them a better appearance, drainage grooves are covered by PVC plugs. Holes intended for drainage and condensation purposes are more easily cleaned from the interior side of the window by opening the casement. If the drainage grooves are clogged, water may pour into the room.


Satler window and door hardware is distinguished by state-of-the-art and technically perfected WINKHAUS hardware system.  When opening and closing the windows and doors, the hardware is exposed to greater wear and tear of the material, which complies with technical approvals and regulations. Apply oil on the hardware and all its movable parts once a year.


Especially with new construction projects, as well as with refurbished apartments, you need to make sure that sashes are cleaned inside in particular after installation has been completed and also whenever carcassing of various types is carried out. If you fail to do so, rust blemishes may appear on PVC elements as a result of an increased proportion of iron in the air during various craft works as well as during the final installation of PVC elements.


Years ago, windows were manufactured in a way that prevented proper sealing. Consequently, rooms needed to be regularly ventilated, drying the air. So as to save on heating costs and to prevent draught and noise, new windows have been designed in a way to prevent all these inconveniences from happening. New and state-of-the-art windows seal in a way that facilitates natural exchange of air. Therefore, it is extremely important to regularly and properly ventilate your room on a daily basis so as to prevent a high level of humidity and accumulation of mould, not to mention that it also contributes to a healthier way of living. Satler recommends the following energy-efficient ventilation of your home:

  • Ventilate your entire home in the morning for 10–15 minutes (especially the bedroom).
  • Repeat ventilation 3–4 times throughout the day (depending on the level of humidity).
  • Close the radiators while ventilating.
  • Make sure that the air temperature does not fall below 15 degrees Celsius (59 F) so that the air in the room absorbs sufficient moisture.
  • Ventilate quickly and effectively by ventilating two opposite windows at the same time (as sometimes one window does not suffice for high-quality ventilation.
  • Make sure that the curtains do not fall over the heating appliances.
  • Doors leading to less heated rooms should be closed.
  • Whenever a higher level of humidity is created (cooking, bathing, showering), even more frequent ventilation, in your bedroom in particular, is recommended.
  • Always take humid air outside and never into any other room of your home.

Heating and regular ventilation are a fundamental requirement for pleasant living. A misty window is the best indication that the room must be ventilated. Fresh and dry air heats much faster, reducing heating costs in the long run. Subsequently, a pleasant warm temperature and beneficial living conditions are achieved.


Thermopane insulation glazing provides you with a clear and undistorted view that comes from the extremely smooth surface of the glazing.  Under specific illumination (under specific illumination angles) with sunlight, rainbow colours can be observed because of refraction on parallel and flat glazing (interference). This is a normal physical phenomenon and does not mean that the quality of the window is deficient and does not constitute a reason to make a claim.

Glazing is composed of two or more window panes that can contain dehydrated air or a specific gas in-between.  At the edge, all panes are sealed with a specific sealant and spacer so as to prevent water and moisture from penetrating the cavity. The greater insulation ability of the glass is a result of low thermal conductivity of air or gas in the cavity and the additional insulation coating. Crosses contained by cross-windows bend outwards or inwards as a result of wide temperature variations. Especially by gas-filled glazing, spacers are not installed because of the cross installation technology.


Clean sashes with regular detergents that do not contain any organic solvents or coarse particles. Faeces of flies and other insects can be easily removed from white windows by spraying the blemishes with a regular detergent, waiting for half a minute and then cleaning the windows with water and detergent.

Glazing is best cleaned with clear and warm water and a glass cleaning leather cloth. If you press too hard, black lines may remain on the cloth. If necessary, you can also add a small amount of previously inspected cleaning agent to the water. Do not use any aggressive cleaning agents or cleaning agents that contain any solvents.

Use Satler products in compliance with instructions. If you find either of their components damaged, they need to be replaced or properly repaired immediately. If the reason for the damage is unknown or is a result of construction properties of the product, an intervention by a fitter is required.


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