Satler PVC windows, Timber windows, ALU windows
Satler PVC windows, Timber windows, ALU windows
Satler PVC windows, Timber windows, ALU windows
Satler PVC windows, Timber windows, ALU windows
Satler PVC windows, Timber windows, ALU windows
Satler PVC windows, Timber windows, ALU windows



When purchasing a window, it is important to familiarise yourself with some basic specifications.  To facilitate your decision, you are advised to become familiar with the basic technical instructions that will prove helpful during the purchase process.

Window sash and casement

The window sash and casement are manufactured from a profile. The window sash constitutes the fixed part of the window mounted into the wall. The window casement that can be opened in various ways is installed therein. A fixed window can be designed as well. The sash and casement provide the window with stability and levelling. The long-term functionality of the windows is subject to an inspection of the window construction given the size and weight of its individual elements. Energy efficient window sashes shall be at least 70 mm deep.


The profile constitutes the system or construction of the sash and casement the window is manufactured from.  It can be manufactured from various materials (PVC, ALU, TIMBER, PVC/ALU, TIMBER/ALU).

Basic information with regard toPVC window profiles pertains to the number of chambers, depth of external walls, construction depth, profile reinforcement, seals, etc.

The following information is of relevance regarding timber window profiles: mechanical pulp, construction depth, seals, finishing, composition of the corner bridle joint, basic security method, coating, etc.

Aluminium window profiles are materials resistant to environmental impacts that preserve their structural properties to a greater extent than any other material. Narrower visible surfaces of ALU profiles also facilitate a larger glass surface.

Satler PVC windows and doors are manufactured from high-quality profiles manufactured by the German company ALUPLAST. Satler aluminium windows and doors are manufactured from profiles manufactured by the German company HEROAL.

a) Number of chambers in the profile

The number of chambers in PVC and ALU window profiles constitute air corridors within the profile that contribute to the creation of the thermal insulation properties of the window. The greater the number of chambers, the greater the profile's thermal and sound insulation. In addition to the number of chambers, the insulation properties of the profile are impacted by several other structures as well.

Please note that a greater number of chambers does not always imply greater insulation!

b) Reinforcement

The reinforcement can be found in the profile and can be manufactured from either a galvanised steel profile or a special material called Ultradur High Speed that provides windows with 20 % greater thermal transmittance than steel reinforcement. The reinforcement must be installed within the window sash and casement.

c) Seals

Two types of seals are differentiated: contact and central seals.

A contact seal is composed of two seals, one of which is installed on the sash and the other on the casement of the window. Its purpose is to insulate the window against inclusion of air, cold and moisture.

Central seals are located centrally between the sash and casement and prevent moisture and dust from penetrating the chambers of the window where hardware has been installed.

Triple seals have advantages over double seals as the central seal creates an additional chamber in the cavity that substantially improves thermal and sound insulation.

Proper glass = savings and thermal comfort factor

Window glazing is of relevance especially in terms of thermal and sound insulation and the related reduced consumption of energy for heating purposes.

Satler windows and doors are fitted with double- or triple-glazing, the so-called THERMOPANE, manufactured for Satler by the leading glazing-manufacturing company in Slovenia, REFLEX, d.o.o. from Gornja Radgona.

In combination with an insulation sash, triple-glazing reduces energy consumption considerably, resulting in lower CO2 emissions as well. Triple-glazing Satler windows achieve values from Ug = 0.7 W/m2 K to Ug = 0.4 W/ m2 K. Triple-glazing provides two times greater transmittance than double-glazing, whose Ug value amounts to 1.1 W/m2 K.

The spacer between glass panes may constitute a blind thermal spot of any window. Satler would thus recommend a thermal PVC spacer that improves thermal transmittance at the edges of the panes and reduces the likelihood of mist formation.


A spacer is a frame that separates two or three window panes with a hermetically-sealed environment that contains dry gas. It can be manufactured from aluminium, modified PVC (TGI) material or steel. The interior of the hollow spacer is filled with a highly-active dessicant whose composition facilitates immediate and efficient dehydration of air (gas).

PVC (TGI) spacers are recommended so as to prevent the creation of thermal bridges.


Noise affects our health and well-being.

When purchasing a window, please take into consideration the impact of your living arrangements and select the appropriate soundproof window, enabling you to truly enjoy the piece and quiet of your home.

The Rw value indicates the sound insulation level of a window. A higher value indicates greater sound insulation.


Greater thermal insulation of the window = lower heating costs...

Up to 30 % of heat can be lost through our windows. By replacing them and by installing a new external casing of the building, heat efficiency can be improved by 50 % or even more.


The thermal transmittance coefficient or U-value constitutes the basic unit of measurement that enables us to specify heat losses of a structure and is the rate of transfer of heat through one square metre of a structure divided by the difference in temperature in Kelvins across the structure. It is expressed in W/m2 K.

Window efficiency is specified by the following thermal transmittance factors: Uf (thermal transmittance of the sash), Ug (thermal transmittance of the glazing) and Uw (thermal transmittance of the full window).

The quality of the window is primarily specified by the Uf value and the number of seals. The number of chambers in the profile does not always reflect the actual energy efficiency of the profile.

Optimum energy efficiency of a window is subject to a minimum difference between Uf (thermal transmittance of the sash) and Ug (thermal transmittance of the pane).

Triple-seal windows constitute, under all circumstances, a pre-condition for energy efficiency.

The UW value is of relevance for the energy efficiency of the window. The lower the heat transfer coefficient (UW), the greater the energy efficiency of the window in question.

By improving the UW value, heating costs are reduced by up to 36 % and, consequently, less CO2 is released.

Proper hardware = excellent security of the window

Hardware constitutes a mechanical system that connects the casement to the sash and facilitates window handling. It is one of the significant factors that constitutes effective burglar-resistance.

Satler windows include hardware that provides basic to state-of-the-art burglar resistance by Germany company WINKHAUS.



ActivPilot is Winkhaus' standard hardware. This innovative turn-tilt system offers unique functions. As the only such hardware in the world, it provides you with a new and easy-to-use window closing system that ensures a greater level of security and sealing.

Its advantages:

  • burglar resistance;
  • simple configuration;
  • high quality;
  • energy efficiency;
  • attractive design;
  • adjustable accessories.

All security closing elements are separately fitted with a steel bridge. The octagonal closing pin can be easily configured manually – for excellent closing of the window that immediately seals it. The soft line design is pleasantly soft and easily cleaned. Hardware of various resistance classes can be complemented with accessories of up to resistance class RC2 N. The high-quality of the activPilot hardware has been demonstrated by a RAL sustainability test. ActivPilot provides you with a longer-lasting and high-quality product.


  • All visible parts are white-coated.
  • Approximately 50 % fewer spare parts.
  • Patented latches for the scissor stay.
  • All elements require only three different closing elements on the sash.
  • Multi-level tilt-opening of windows that can also be subsequently installed with no special tools.
  • Triple-function element: three elements in one: window lifting device, window blocking device and balcony latch.
  • The entire activPilot hardware system can be connected to an alarm device.
  • It can be used to control the closing of windows and thus reduce the consumption of energy or be used as a separate alarm system.

activPilot Select

ActivPilot Select hardware constitutes an intelligent modular system of so-called "concealed" hardware included in the sash. Thus perfected hardware fulfils modern architectural requirements in new buildings and restoration work and also contributes to greater energy efficiency, as no visible parts of the hardware can be found on the exterior. The absence of breaks also increases the density of the window and simplifies cleaning.   A double- or triple-function element makes it easy to add a device that guards against improper opening of the window with an installed lifting device and latch and also facilitates ventilation with various tilts of the casement.

activPilot Comfort

The casement parallel action technology that forms part of the sash is called activPilot Comfort. The technology of this hardware facilitates, in addition to the traditional casement tilting and turning opening positions, the so-called parallel action, which disconnects the casement from contact seal points by a few millimetres, thus facilitating air flow along the entire sash and establishing circulation of air in the room: fresh air enters through the lower part of the window, whereas dirty air exits through the upper part of the window. The ventilation gap is a mere 6 mm, thus preventing draught and slamming windows, improving burglar resistance and preventing water from penetrating the room even during torrential downpours; it preserves heat in the room, saves energy during winter and provides the room with fresh air in all seasons.

Parallel action hardware is available also with mechanical or electronic opening. The mechanical type controlled by means of the window handle is called activPilot Comfort PADK. Motor-controlled hardware with optional remote control is called activPilot Comfort PADM.

Multiple gap ventilation enables tilting of casements under various angles,  facilitating continuous inflow of fresh air without any significant heat losses, thus protecting your health and avoiding excessive heating costs.


Hardware RC1 N resistance class

Elements tested in compliance with RC1 N resistance class provide basic resistance against bodily force such as kicking, pressing, jumping against, lifting and pulling out (mostly various forms of vandalism). RC1 N resistance class-compliant elements offer little protection against levering.

RC1 N hardware is composed of:

  • octagonal security mushroom-shaped heads on all four sides of the element + security closing elements
  • prescribed window handle lockable with a key and drilling resistance
  • only windows with standard glazing required

To be used for:

  • For first-floor windows that are not easily accessible from the outside.

Hardware RC2 N resistance class


RC2 N hardware is composed of:

  • octagonal security mushroom-shaped heads on all four sides of the element + two additional heads + security closing element
  • prescribed window handle lockable with a key and drilling resistance
  • only windows with standard glazing required

To be used for:

  • Recommended for windows and doors on the ground floor and on balconies as well as for items that can be accessed via the garage roof or roof covers.

Window functionality = simple use

Modern windows provide a wide range of functions and technical solutions. Most importantly, however, they must be simple and safe for everyday use. Before purchasing and after installing a window, it is important to check its opening, closing and tilt. All functions should be carried out without using physical force. RAL system installation of windows additionally contributes to the energy efficiency of the window by sealing the construction gap on three levels.

Shades = comfort of living

Shades play a significant role in improving the total energy balance of the house, meaning that they reduce the consumption of energy used for cooling and heating purposes. Lowered shades constitute an additional insulation element between the exterior cold (or warm) air and the window, contributing to a lower consumption of energy. Exterior shades also provide for additional burglar resistance and sound reduction. Before purchasing a window, you need to make a decision whether and which kind of exterior shades you wish to have, as they can also bring about changes to the external casing of the house. Satler offers a wide range of top-quality shades.

Appearance = individual wishes

In addition to convincing and modern window manufacturing technology, your window must also be appealing and enjoyable to you for a long time to come. Only manufacturers with a comprehensive range of builders' joinery can make all your individual wishes come true.



Quality installation = added value

Window and door installation experts working for Satler okna in vrata will help you select the most appropriate installation for your facility, as the installation method also depends on the material your windows are manufactured from as well as the facility you seek to provide with glazing. New windows can thus be installed in your facility by either dry installation, semi-dry installation or wet installation or the most recent modern triple-glazing installation of windows in compliance with European guidelines, the so-called RAL installation.



Environmental responsibility = co-existence with nature

Environmental issues and the lack of natural resources are also a result of highly durable materials such as plastic windows and their recycling. Only responsible manufacturers like us take into consideration, plan and provide for the option of recycling already used materials while developing technology and manufacturing and replacing old PVC windows with new ones. An EU Directive also lays down that windows shall contain recycled materials. Our interior chambers are thus already manufactured from regenerated materials that under no circumstances reduce the useful value and quality of the windows.


Quality of the window = long life span

By selecting a high-quality profile, hardware and glazing, you are provided with a high-quality window with a long life span. Added value is provided by the manufacturing thereof in Slovenia on German machinery manufactured by ROTOX.

Our windows are manufactured from modern profiles that have successfully passed the 100-year-accelerated-ageing Xenotest®. The same test has also been passed by the hardware for 40,000 openings thereof. The glazing also comes with a 10-year warranty. It is, however, known that 2 % energy efficiency is lost within 10 years.


  • 20 years of experience
  • Computerised production line
  • Comprehensive range in a single location
  • Renowned suppliers
  • Energy efficient and burglar resistant builders' joinery
  • High-quality counselling, installation and servicing
  • Slovenian product


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